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Landlord & Tenant Rights

We advocate for the greater good of society! We stand for DEEPER public policies. What does that mean? DEEPER stands for Dignity, Ecology, Equal Protection, Empathy, and Respect. When public policies are created they should represent all of these factors. 


Forming your Business the correct way can be confusing at times especially when you are a brand new business owner. When you work hand in hand with an attorney to form and protect your business will make the process much simpler. 


Grandparents are often overlooked when parents rights are terminated which is why we advocate for the grandparents. Grandparents rights are as real as Parental Rights. It is always best and statically proven that children do better with their biological family members than with strangers. 


Putting Wills & Trusts in place to ensure your last will and testament is followed through is pertinent to the end of life process. Putting your assets into Trusts can help ensure your assets are protected for the generations to come. Are you ready to protect your assets? If so, schedule you consultation today!


The Vision of the Firm

Grandparents Rights

We will advocate for the rights of all grandparents to ensure they are able to protect their assets for their grandchildren and to ensure their rights are not diminished in the event the parental rights are terminated. 

Public Policy Analyst

We advocate for the greater good of society by reviewing and taking action on any public policy that may threaten the growth of society or that may be unethical. 

Wills & Trusts

Create a safe haven for your loved ones by putting a Will and Trust in place. Wills & Trusts will protect your most precious items and people and will make passing on items much easier. 

Business Law

Forming and running a business can be tedious work especially when it comes to the legal paperwork and ensuring that your personal assets are protected. Our goal is to ensure that business owners are informed on what is needed to protect themselves and their business. 


Who is Ed Ablard?

James Edward “Ed” Ablard was raised in Silver Spring, MD, a Washington DC suburb, attended Penn State University and then obtained his law degree from George Washington University in Washington, DC. While attending GWU law school, Ed became a law clerk and civil rights researcher for the Cohen & Hirschkop, Moorcones and Hall law firm, famous for winning the Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia, ending the ban on interracial marriages in 1967. After graduating from GWU law in 1968, Ed was admitted to both the Virginia State and District of Columbia bar associations. 

In 1970 Ed joined the Whiteford, Hart, Carmody and Wilson law firm in the District of Columbia. There he represented landlords in real estate matters as well as banks, health insurance and savings & loan companies. Ed became a partner while at Whiteford, Hart, Carmody and Wilson and achieved the Martindale and Hubble “AV”distinction, the highest level of professional excellence in law.

In 1981, Ed started his own law practice in McLean, VA which featured real estate closings, wills, trusts and estate planning. During that time, he also became the President of the McLean Planning Committee where he launched the Fairfax County Planning Department Re-development Plan for the McLean Central Business District. In recognition of his efforts, he was honored as Businessman of the Year by the McLean Business and Professional Association. 

In 1995, Ed began studying at George Mason University to obtain his Master of Arts in Individualized Studies degree in Regional Economic Development and Technology. During his studies, Ed was a business counselor at The Mason Enterprise Center, an SBA Small Business Development Center where he taught and counseled business owners. After graduating, he briefly worked with the Maryland Small Business Development center in College Park, Maryland. 

In 2008, as environmental justice theories were emerging, Ed brought suit against the City of Alexandria for adopting ordinance changes that diluted air pollution regulations that affected a minority community in Alexandria. His suit targeted the closure of the coal-fired Genon plant on the Alexandria waterfront. As an active member of the Alexandria Chapter of the NAACP, the National NAACP, and the Sierra Club, Ed received great support for the litigation and the plant finally closed in October 2012. 

In December 2012, Ed moved to Wilmington, NC where he has continued to pursue his passion for justice. He was on the Executive Committee of the Democratic Committee of New Hanover County until early 2019 and was a state Director of the Green Building Council of North Carolina. Ed has also advocated for the Affordable Care Act, the Obama Administration Clean Power Plan, the Wilmington Clean Energy Task Force, Women of Wilmington, and ACLU People Power Activities.

Ed is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association and the District of Columbia Bar, where he is active in Advocacy for Tenants Rights. Ed is also a member of the Federal Fourth Circuit Court Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. 


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